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Bored to play with your colourless bits of metal ?

I propose you my services to assemble, paint and convert your models.

My prices depend on the quality of the painting you desired. For good to excellent tabletop quality, I charge you 6 to 12 €  for a trooper; and twice this price for cavalry . All miniatures are ready to play (based and varnished).

For an excellent painting quality (see my gallery on Coolminiornot for details), I charge up to 4 times the original price of the mini. For exemple, the Lysander on my banner has been painted for 80 €.

I can too sell you the minis with a reduction of 10% on the usual price.

The conditions of the « contract » between you and me are quite simple : you order the paintings, I will execute the work as soon as my schedule will permit it. Once the work done,you will pay by PayPal, Visa, bank transfer or Western union and  I will send you the minis  .

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